Hey Soul Sister

I only wanted one daughter because I knew having sisters was often traumatic. Instead my children happened to arrive in the same birth order that my siblings and I did. Boy, girl, girl, girl, boy . . .I stopped there but my mother went on to have four more boys and ended with a girl.
I was the third daughter and learned a lot from my sisters. It was often what not to do. They spared me a lot of pain and I thank them for it. Families are the platform of charity. Fate brings people together to teach them unconditional love. You think there would be no way you would choose to have these people in your life under normal circumstances yet you LOVE them fiercely. Home is the institution that prepares you to love others that way; your spouse, your children, your friends and eventually everyone you encounter. My sisters taught me that. You can’t have that many hormones boiling over in a small home, especially pubescent years, and come out of that experience loving one another without it increasing your general capacity to love.
Because of that my sisters are my best friends. And not only my own sisters but my sister-in-laws. There is something unique about sisters, we always have a friend in one another and are never alone. We celebrate one another’s joys and mourn one another’s loses. We’re safety nets and confidences. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for my sister, or them for me.
Today is Alicia’s birthday. She is 16 months older than me. We were only a grade apart growing up. We shared a room with one another until I was in grade 10. She was notorious for sleeping in and not wanting to get ready for school. I remember crying when we had to walk to the bus stop without her in elementary school and being ill when she would miss the bus. My mom usually drove her to school on those days but I was a mess! In high school she hated to wake up for early morning seminary and it stressed me out!
As an adult I only had the opportunity to live by Alicia for less than a year and it was amazing! Nothing is as comforting as going over to your sister’s house and just being with one another. It almost feels like you’re stealing moments of your childhood back.
Alicia is so good to my children and often calls me asking what size the kids wear because there is an amazing sale and she sees somethings they need. If she knows you collect something, she is constantly on the lookout for it!
She is generous and fiercely loyal. She often goes out of her way when you need something and because she is so thorough I never worry about the quality. She gives her all.
I know I’ve been blessed with 3 daughters so they can experience the love and closeness that I did having sisters. Its uncanning the similarities in personalities of my daughters to myself and my sisters. I often feel like I’m reliving my childhood because I gave birth to my sisters!
I hope my daughters grow to love and appreciate one another like my sisters and I do.
“A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.”
― Isadora James


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