Sister Ellis

I’m known as Sister Ellis at church and I find the church culture of calling one another “Brother” and “Sister” endearing. I’m active in my church community and this weekend I made a “Basket O’mixes” for the Canada Day Scout Auction. Its right after our annual pancake breakfast.
Imagining me arriving at the chapel with my five children in tow bearing such homely offerings slightly reminds me of a scene out of Little House on the Prairie or Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. We won’t be freshly laundered or sporting our traveling-into-town-from-the-deep-woods-best-dress or anything (although we do live tucked away at the bottom of Mount Tzouhalem and our vehicle is covered in dirt road dust) but we will be on time. The kids will eat pancakes and run outside with their friends. I’ll visit with my girlfriends and help clean up. It will be a traditional family filled day and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the land we live in.


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